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Tips for making the move to Florida

April 12, 2024, 7:50 am

Want to move to Florida? You’re not alone. From beautiful beaches and palm trees to zero personal income tax, the perks of moving to Florida are great. In this guide, you can read the best tips for making the move to Florida and how you can prepare yourself for starting a new life in the “Sunshine State”. 

If you can hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore, you’re not imagining things — it’s Florida calling out to you. 

Yep, there’s no doubt that Florida is the place to be in 2023 and beyond. This is why tons of people are currently moving there, with the latest research from the U.S. Census Bureau showing that a net total of 320,000 Americans moved to Florida from 2021 to 2022. 

This isn’t by accident or sheer coincidence. After all, almost everyone is waking up to the fact that Florida has so much to offer with very few downsides. In fact, you can count the cons of living in Florida on one hand! 

As amazing as Florida is, though, you can’t just pack your bags and move there overnight. This would be crazy and it simply wouldn’t work. Instead, you need to put time and effort into planning your Florida move. Remember, preparation is key. Once everything is organized and you’ve topped up your Florida knowledge and know-how, you’ll be good to go. 

Whether you’re moving to Florida on a solo mission or with a beautiful partner, here are some top tips that’ll help you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Prepare for the Party Life 

Florida isn’t just the “Sunshine State” of America — it’s also the “Party State” of America, too. 

Nobody moves to Florida to live a quiet life. That would be like moving to Dubai because you enjoy cold weather. It’d make no sense! 

Instead, the main reason why people move to Florida is to party. In particular, they go for the nightlife, as this is when Florida really comes alive. Sure, the daytime beach parties are fun, but they’re no match for Florida’s night parties. 

From packed-out bars to busy casinos, you’re overwhelmed with choices when it comes to Florida’s nightlife. Of course, casinos are a big crowd favorite at the moment, especially now that gambling is on the rise in the US. Therefore, it’s recommended that you check out some of Florida’s most popular casinos when you get there, including:

  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa
  • Magic City Casino 
  • Seminole Coconut Creek Casino (one of the biggest casinos in Florida)

Never gambled before? No problem. Before making the move to Florida, you can learn to gamble online by playing popular online casino games such as online roulette at JackpotCity Casino. JackpotCity Casino is a safe and officially licensed online casino, which makes it the perfect platform for crafting your betting skills in preparation for the party life in Florida. It’s also one of the most trusted online casinos on the internet and is SSL-certified, so you know you’re in good hands. 

Decide Which Part of Florida You Want to Stay in

It’s no secret that Florida is a big place. Therefore, you need to decide carefully which part of Florida you want to stay in. This is something that most people dedicate several months to deciding before they officially arrange their accommodation, whether they’re renting an apartment or purchasing a beachside home. Whatever you do, don’t rush to get yourself a place to live in Florida. Remember, these things take time! 

Is Florida Cheap to Live in? 

Florida isn’t cheap to live in, especially during these current economic times. Ever since 2020, rent in Florida has increased along with the general cost of living. However, don’t let this put you off the “Sunshine State”, though, as Florida is still affordable. For example, if you’re really on a budget, there are certain parts of Florida, such as Cape Coral and Jacksonville, where rent isn’t as expensive. 

It’s also worth remembering that Florida will become more affordable to live in over the coming years as the cost-of-living crisis eases. What will likely happen is that you move to Florida, settle there, and then move to a different spot in the state when everything becomes more affordable (as you’ll have greater freedom of choice). 

Only Move When You Have a Job Confirmed

Next, only move to Florida when you have a job confirmed. As was just mentioned, Florida is an expensive place to live. Knowing this, you’d be crazy to move out there without some kind of job in place. Even if you have savings, your money will eventually run out. In a nutshell, if you want to live (and thrive) in Florida, you need to have some kind of job. 

The good news is that the Florida job market is jam-packed with jobs. Whether you’re looking to be an office assistant or work in a local restaurant, there’s guaranteed to be something you like. Plus, Florida recently beat New York for having the most jobs out of any American state, which is pretty impressive. If you were worried about the Florida job market, this shows that there’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the work-from-home trend is still huge in America. What this means is that you don’t have to get an in-person job in Florida if you don’t want to. Instead, you can get a job working from home for a company that’s from an entirely different state or country, providing that the time zones lineup. You might even already have a remote job, which is great, as you can move to Florida with peace of mind knowing that you don’t even have to search for a job. 

Florida Gets a Lot of Storms — So Be Ready

One of the biggest challenges that people face when moving to a new state is adapting to the weather. Of course, everyone knows that the weather in Florida is amazing. If you love sun rays, then you’ll love Florida, it’s that simple.

However, it’s important to note that Florida gets a lot of storms. Throughout the entire U.S., Florida is number one when it comes to storms and hurricanes, which is definitely something to bear in mind. If this is something that won’t bother you, then there’s nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you don’t like storms, then you’ll need to mentally prepare yourself for when they happen, which is usually on 80 days of an average year. 

Make a Bucket List of all the Best Places in Florida to Visit 

When you make the move to Florida, the opportunities are endless when it comes to places to go, especially at the weekends. After all, Florida is essentially a non-stop entertainment state, where every corner you turn there’s something new and exciting to do. 

In terms of your Florida bucket list (which you can gradually start to tick off over the coming months and years), you should definitely include:

Remember, Florida is a big hit with tourists, so you’re going to see plenty of them when you visit popular spots like Florida’s Walt Disney World. This won’t stop you from having fun, though, as there’s nothing quite like exploring what Florida has to offer. Quite simply, it’s the adventure of a lifetime. 

Pack Plenty of Sunscreen 

Florida is called the “Sunshine State” for a reason — it’s super sunny. In January, the average temperature starts at around 57°F before reaching a peak of 88°F in August. Although this can be too hot for some, this will be perfect for you if you’re a fan of sun, tans, and good vibes all year round. The only catch is that you’ll need to pack plenty of sunscreen, especially if you’re moving from a country or state where there’s very little sunshine. 

Adapt Your Style

It’s also important that you adapt your clothing style upon moving to Florida. 

Usually, outfits have to be chosen based around the weather. Layers aren’t a thing in Florida because of the heat. Instead, people are wearing summery outfits all the time. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’re going to need to prepare for this. Think breathable fabrics and light and loose clothing throughout the year, especially if you live close to the beach. 

When you move to Florida, it’s actually a good idea to spend a few weeks shopping for new clothes, as shopping is a big part of the Florida culture. All of the big brands and outlets are popular in Florida, which is great news for all the fashionistas out there. On top of this, thrift stores are insanely popular in Florida, so you can look forward to getting your hands on some serious bargains.

After you’ve lived in Florida for around 6 months, you’ll probably find that your closet has completely transformed, and all of your old clothes have been thrown out. 


Making the move to Florida is an exciting prospect. Make sure you use all of the tips discussed here if you want to experience a smooth transition to Florida with minimal stress or hassle. Remember to take your time, plan everything carefully, and make the move when you’re ready. 

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